Kabimba group talks about tribalism, money


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Evening patriots: mindless antics of tribalists in our party take a new twist. EXPOSED!!!

The latest info on the ground is that all provincial party committees have now received cash to denounce party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba, SC, ODS. Listen, we shall stand for integrity and defend our leaders. Money will help you buy people to rise against Kabimba but remember God is watching over you. Pleading national interest and beseeching everybody to approve of ilegality and lawlessness will backfire on you. We can’t choose to remain agonizingly mute when all this nonsense is happening. The PF cannot be run efficiently on a game of decey suspense. Kabimba may go now but remember, he has run his race. He shall remain an archtect of the 2011 elections. While most of you swum in the pool of ignorance about the PF/UPND pact, Kabimba saw through the evil eyes of Hichilema. He gave direction to the party and we broke that relationship with UPND. Again most of you rose against Wynter. We can sometimes be at crossroads as a party but don’t forget that this is often a result of undisguised patriotic and nationalistic fervours that only an infinitesimal minority will raise voices of dissent. WYNTER ENDORSED PRESIDENT MICHAEL SATA’S SECOND TERM YEARS AGO NOT NOW. NA 2016 NI SATA.

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