Kabimba insulted Nyau and Ndanji traditional practices-Kapita

Kabimba’s Immaturity and Insecurity

We find the statement attributed to PF Secretary General and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, likening UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to a ka Ndanji or young Nyau as not only irresponsible and immature, but highly belittling and an insult to a lot of our people and tribal groupings that practice this tradition practice.

The same people in Western province, Kabimba was insulting as quoted in yesterday’s Post newspaper, our brothers and sisters in North-Western and Eastern provinces all practice this Nyau/Ndanji cultural dance and we wonder how the PF now wants votes from them.

We have very high respect for all Zambian cultural practices and traditions and we believe that a person who is not grounded on culture and tradition is equivalent to a tree without roots, this is Wynter today.

In fact, in UPND, we believe that some of these traditional practices such as Nyau or Ndanji dances should be promoted to the international level as part of tourism instead of denouncing them like Kabimba and his party is doing.

It has now become too common for the PF leadership to always resort to insults bordering on tribal innuendos as they always lack substance on important national matters such as the economy.

People of Zambia are currently going through serious economic hardships due to complete lack of leadership and when senior PF leaders like Kabimba have an opportunity to tell the electorate what they are doing to alleviate their poverty, all they hear are insults.

Since it is now clear PF leaders can no longer offer solutions to our people other than insulting them, perhaps the best they can do is for all of them to just follow their president Michael Sata and go into political hibernation and allow us in UPND to offer the necessary leadership that is missing.

Richard Kapita
UPND Vice-president

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