‘Kabimba is trying to hide something from the public’

By Dante Saunders

We are extremely bothered by the Minister of Justice one Winter Kabimba continuous interference in the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) investigating corrupt activities alleged to have been committed by him. We want to assure Mr. Kabimba that we shall not allow him to continue bullying the legally institute government bodies to investigate corruption in the country. We know that, the ACC could not have announced the preliminary investigation of two ministers for nothing. The commission was prompted to make that duress call as a result of the evidence that was brought to its attention by whistleblowers.

Why is it that it is only him who is talking about the investigations being carried out by the ACC as though it was him alone who was being investigated. We know that there are two very senior officials in the Patriotic Front Government. We have defense minister Goeffrey Mwamba who is being investigated along side Kabimba who has allowed to the full course of investigation to take its course. But Mr. Kabimba has taken it up on himself making comments about the investigations. We suspect, Mr. Kabimba is trying to hide something from members of the public that is why he is panicking otherwise wait for the ACC to officially clear him.

In fact, it was Winter Kabimba who gave reason for the investigation against him to be instituted. He headed the commission of inquiry that called to investigate how the opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy allegedly squandered national resources on the procuring oil. Kabimba led commission of inquiry revealed that about K2trillion was squandered by the former ruling party. Instead of sealing the loophole where the MMD used to squander money, Mr. Kabimba opened an oil company to import finish oil from the same companies the MMD was dealing with. For me, this is a scandal and in countries where there good laws, he should have been charged with a crime called inside trading.

Now, we have Mr. Kabimba trying to mount pressure of the security wings as though there was no cause for the investigative win to investigate.  Not long ago, he wrote a letter of commitment to the Director General Ms. Rosewin Wandi that he will corporate with her investigating officers. Now, we are told, the minister has given the ACC seven days upon which to tell the nation what they found when they made preliminary investigations against him.

To us this is an act of intimidations on the part of the minister. He is trying to cow the institution working under him. We wonder how the ACC will work to establish the truth about the allegation of corrupt practices by the Minister when he has continued to meddle into their operation. That is why earlier we have suggested that, let the two ministers be suspended to facilitate the smooth investigation of the by ACC.

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