Kabimba likens GBM camp to small dogs

Kabimba likens GBM camp to small dogs

Kabimba and Freedom Sikazwe

PF secretary-General Wynter Kabimba has likened Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) and his supporters to small dogs.

And Kabimba, in apparent to GBM, has sarcastically said he is only bigger in physical weight but not in party standing.

And like revealed by the Watchdog weeks ago, GBM and Alfredah Kansembe were not present at a provocative meeting Kabimba convened in GBM’s constituency.

Kabimba, who was addressing the meeting in Kasama said there was not division in the PF dismissing GBM as having no impact.

He never referred to GBM by name but said there was a camp based in Kasama that wanted to hijack the PF. He said this Kasama based camp is led by outsiders who are not functionaries (officials) of the party.

Kabimba likened what he called the Kasama-based camp to a small dog following an elephant which despite persistent barks could never attract the attention of the elephant.

He urged the PF leaders to ignore camp. He said the party would not be rocked by individuals with self-interest and attempting do so would be at their own peril.

Kabimba also mocked GBM’s physique and his riches:

“No one is bigger than anyone in the PF. We are all equal. If anyone is bigger…maybe in kilogrammes because on the political stage we are all equal,” he said.

“We will not entertain individuals trying to usurp elected party officials as it is against party policy. We will only deal with recognised party functionaries,” he said.

“We need to insulate the party against auctioneers. PF is not attending an auction of positions to the highest bidder,” Mr Kabimba said.

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