Kabimba Must Apologise for Insulting Zambians – Nkhoma

The Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution Making Process in Eastern Province is disappointed with the manner in which Justice Minister Insulted Zambians on the Sunday interview Television Programme.

The Coalition in Eastern Province is shocked that a senior government official worth his standing in Society could insult Zambians in manner the Justice Minister did on his interview on ZNBC. As a Coalition we find his statement retrogressive and irresponsible especially that the statement came from a person who should have been encouraging more and more Zambians to participate in the Constitution making process regardless of their education background.

To say that many Zambians are not talking about the release of the draft constitution because they are not educated people and that a few Zambians who are educated are the ones demanding for the release draft is unfortunate and such kind of insults from the Justice Minister have no place in Zambia as it is not a habit of Zambians to mock those that have not gone to School as it may have been not their wish to drop out of School. We are shocked that the Justice Minister seem to find pressure now in referring to many Zambians as being illiterates as opposed to actually help create favorable education policies that will allow many Zambians who may have dropped out of school for one reason or the other to actually get back to school and access education even in their old age.

We ask the Justice Minister to take responsibility and apologies to the many Zambians he insulted during his interview. Zambians have lived side by side in society over the years whether educated or not but the statement attributed to the Justice Minister has the potential of causing confusion among Zambians. The Justice Minister Should not use the Uneducated Zambians as scapegoat for not delivering a People Driven Constitution in a timely manner like the PF promised during their Campaigns in 2011 general elections.

We also want to dismiss his allegations that Educated Zambians have hijacked the constitution making process as baseless and ill founded. It is actually his Ministry of Justice which has hijacked the Constitution making process by hiding the draft constitution under the shelves in guise of wanting to discuss with cabinet.

The Coalition also wishes encourage senior government officials to use sober words whenever debating or talking about the constitution making process as engaging into a careless talk will not help to build consensus on the constitution making process. The divide and rule kind of games being orchestrated by the Justice Minister will not help Zambia to have a people driven constitution which has dodged this Country for many years now.

While appreciate the development which the government is doing, this development would be more enhanced with a comprehensive constitution which addresses the needs of all Zambians whether Educated or not hence our demand for the immediate release of the draft constitution. It has been more than four months since the Justice Minister said he is waiting for cabinet to discuss the draft constitution issue what is the progress Mr. Minister ?We shall continue to speak on behalf on many Zambians and help to Influence the release of the draft constitution and enactment of the same through a referendum before 2016.

Issued by. Maxson Nkhoma- Chairperson
Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution making Eastern Province

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