Kabimba must go

By Nason Msoni
Wynter Kabimba should now resign his portfolio as Justice Minister without any further delays and must stop forthwith casting aspersions and making unnecessary innuendoes against those calling for his resignation.
The fact that a tribunal has been constituted to probe his impropriety is sufficient a reason to warrant him to step-aside with less ado.
No-one expects that a man holding a portfolio of Justice Minister would fell to see common sense in what we are saying that you can’t appear before the tribunal as a Minister of Justice. We think it will be a serious travesty of Justice for the Minister of Justice to appear before the tribunal whilst holding-onto his office.
In essence it will be a serious indictment for the Zambian government for a senior cabinet official to appear before a credible tribunal in his capacity as Minister of Justice and seen disembarking from his ministerial vehicle flying with a Zambian flag and yet his propriety is under serious question. Just how does that work!!
Although most recently Wynter has stated categorically that there are no morals in politics, but we think it would beabsolutely immoral and obnoxious to insist that he appears before the tribunal as a Minister of Justice.
Arguably if the findings of fact of the tribunal are to be seen as being credible and acceptable then there is need for common sense to prevail by asking Hon. Kabimba to resign immediately.
Sleaze anywhere in the world is treated with the utmost seriousness it deserves. This conduct being exhibited so far appears to point to some usual political ritual of undergoing through a tribunal as a formality only and yet it is just a white-wash meant to deceive the public by using a tribunal at great expense to tax-payers.
Truth be-told it is rather the Judiciary and other institutions of state that are under trial in the circumstances.
We think resigning will also make the work of his political principal a lot easier as he appears completely powerless when it comes to do with issues involving Wynter Kabimba.

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