Chief Shakumbila forged his NRCs to become chief

Winter Kabimba and Patrick Chibamba: a danger to the Sala people of Mumbwa

Education should change someone’s way of thinking. But to some people, education has done great harm than good. Instead of being the light of the poor, they have become robbers of justice to the society.

One such a character is Winter Kabimba. God allowed him to be educated but it seems his knowledge has turned him into a crooked individual who is always hungry for power and money. As he always try to twist the arm of justice, he is also trying to intimidate and bribe supreme court Judge Evans Hamaundu so that his ‘thief’ friend (Patrick Chibamba) can be returned as Senior Chief Shakumbila after judgement is passed on 24th June, 2014.

Patrick Chibamba is even boasting that, “they will not manage me because we control the justice system with Mr. Kabimba.’’ Two weeks ago, the same Chibamba sold 68 cows. What was he buying in exchange for those animals? Information has reached the royal family that a ‘high profile individual’ has received money so that the case involving the Chieftaincy of Shakumbila go into Chibamba’s favour. He has been telling people that the judgement will just be a formality as he has been assured that he has already won the case.

Everyone in Shakumbila Chiefdom knows that Patrick Chibamba is a cattle rustler. He was arrested many times in Mumbwa for stealing people’s animals in Namwala and Mumbwa. In order to become Chief, he had to change his NRCs so that people can’t trace his record. And a known lawyer facilitated this move. All the NRCs are still active and he uses them when it is convenient. Here are the NRCs: 164697/15/1 and 127206/15/1.

This Chibamba failed to prove himself before the courts that he is eligible. Here are some the numerous deceptions:

  1. He forged the family tree of the royal clan and fused himself on a certain clan of the Shichonda’s.
  2. He forged letters claiming to have been chosen by the Mukwashi and royal family.
  3. Forged a list of people who collected ‘relief food’ and submitted it to the court as a list of royal family members who chose him
  4. He portrays himself to be the only educated fellow and yet he only managed through correspondence to reach form 2.
  5. He claims that the chiefdom is matrilineal and yet his mother was not a member of the royal family-not even his father. In Short, he is neither on the patrilinual nor matrilineal side of the royal family
  6. Even his witnesses were just a bunch of useless liars who could not even plan for their lies. They didn’t even know about the letters and when they assumed their offices. Their chairman even agreed that the traditional process was not followed.

What more evidence can a normal court require? Chibamba himself acknowledged in the letters that he is not eligible. His lawyers failed to even write their submission because they were ashamed to defend such open lies. Then we have someone in the name of a Minister of Injustice who goes to tell the judge that “my client is asking if he can be allowed to rule as a chief.” And his client (Chibamba) is now mocking and threatening the Royal Family because he now have alot of wealth. He is even buying guns and preparing black magic so that after judgement, he can sort out all the vocal and influential members of the royal family. What a criminal of a Chief? If this information is false, then what was a Chief doing around 23 to 24 hours in Lusaka on Friday, 13th June, 2014?

We the people of Shakumbila are disgusted by this clique of criminals who are busy selling land like handkerchief. Some people have lost their lives for defending their land. In Chibolela village, one man (Lloyd Chibolela) was strangled to death because of exposing these criminals. The ministry of chiefs and traditional affairs is aware of all these atrocities. But we don’t know why it has taken long to dethrone this so called Chibamba Patrick who is posing as Chief and yet he is not a rightful heir to the throne. Some people need to be cursed by God including their families.

Winter Kabimba has been defending Chibamba in the High Court tooth and nail.       Question to Winter Kabimba: Do you know that your crooked friend Chibamba campaigns for PF during day time and at night UPND, because of lacking principles? What qualities to see in this imposter of a chief? Do you think he can gunner support for you from the mistreated Headmen? What a bad miscalculation.

This same thief/ Chief has a son Mwaaze who defiled his 13 year old step-daughter. The girl(Easter Mambo) even went for medical tests at Nangoma Mission Hospital. But the criminal like his father is still roaming the streets free. Waste still the son is also HIV positive. The so called chief threatened the real father (Mr. Mambo) a game scout of Chinyunyu camp with black magic.

The government needs to intervene before things become worse. What life will people lead in Shakumbila chiefdom? There are many bad things happening in our chiefdom.

And to judge Hamaundu: please know that the Sala people will remember you now and in the generations to come, as someone who brought either Liberation or Destruction to the Chiefdom.We are all praying to God that he gives you the Moral Fibre to resist these evil forces and judge accordingly.

Written by concerned Members of the Royal Family.


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