Kabimba, Panji dish out money to hired PF cadres in Siavonga

Kabimba, Panji dish out money to hired PF cadres in Siavonga

Panji was declared bankrupt but now has money to flash around

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba is in Siavonga where he is having a series of clandestine meetings with a few hired youths and women.

Kabimba, who is also the board chairman of ZAMTEL, arrived in Siavong on Thursday, 15 March 2012 and was joined by Defense Deputy Minister Panji Kaunda who arrived in the Border town on Friday, 16 March 2012.

Kabimba held the clandestine meeting on Friday. Some of the people who attended the meeting disclosed that Kabimba gave the youths a sum of K10M, women K10m and a hastily constituted District Executive Committee was also given K10M.

The money was meant to buy support from the youths and women. After the meeting, some of the youths who attended the meeting explained that they will do the “Donchi Kubeba” on Kabimba as they vowed to spend the money and pretend to do their part of the deal without actually doing anything.

Later in the day Panji Kaunda arrived and another meeting was convened in the evening.

Kabimba and Panji are in Siavonga to sniff around for possible local government bye-elections following the government’ suspension of the elected councilors there.

Kabimba hopes that the youths will help to cushion the standoff that has ensued between the PF Government and the people of the area over the amputation of Chirundu and Itezi Tezi from Southern Province to glue them to Lusaka and Central provinces respectively.

This, however, is not likely to bear the desired results as people spoken to in the area said that any by election in the area will be characterized by violence against PF.

Opinion leaders in the area contend that the damage is irreparable especially that the PF government dubiously suspended the Siavonga District Council over trumped up charges of corruption in land allocations.

The real reason the Siavonga councilors were suspended was because they, like everybody in the province, are opposed to the amputation of Chirundu and Itezyi Tezyi.

Its only chief Mwanchingwala and Mwenda who are supporting the PF move.

In the villages people are yeaning to physically fight any one attending PF meetings.

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