Kabimba & PF should not be jealous of RB’ s achievements, he left economy better – Chifire

Kabimba & PF should not be jealous of RB’ s achievements, he left economy better – Chifire

RB during a democracy duty in the Congo DRC

We are disapointed by attacks  on Former President Rupiah Banda and the MMD attributed to Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General,Winter Kabimba arising from Mr. Banda’s first lecture at Boston University.

Mr.Kabimba should not deliberately ignore facts about the good economic performance under Rupiah Banda’s reign.Mr.Banda and his team laid a good foundation for the future growth of our economy which the PF Government has failed to build upon.The MMD left a better economy than what is obtaining now.

On the issue of corruption,Mr.Kabimba should be reminded that the PF Government was involved in corruption the very first day they where voted into office by awarding a tender to Apollo Enterprises to refurbish State House,a company belonging to Finance Minister,Alexander Chikwanda, without following tender procedure.The corruption cases Mr.Kabinga is refering to are mere allegations that have been heavily politicized in order to demonize Rupiah Banda,his family,former Government Ministers and the MMD Party.

PF Government and indeed Mr.Kabinga are not the right people to condemn the failed constitution making process because they have embarked on a very questionable constition making process that is segregative and designed to serve sectional interests.

Mr.Kabimba and the PF Government should not be envious over Rupiah Banda’s achievements but concentrate on fulfilling their campaign promises.

MMD left the economy on a better footing than where it is today.It remains to be seen how Mr.Kabimba will help His Exellence,President Sata also qualify to lecture at Boston University when he leaves office in 2016.

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