Kabimba reports Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya to police for swindling party and donors $300, 000

Kabimba reports Lawyer Kelvin Bwalya to police for swindling party and donors $300, 000

KBFPF Secretary-General Wynter Kabimba has reported Lusaka based lawyer Kelvin Fube Bwalya to police for swindling the party and some investors out of close to $300, 000.

According to police sources, Kabimba reported Bwalya to police Headquarters on Monday this week.

Before elections, Kelvin Bwalya   was running a PF aligned organisation called ant-Rigging Zambia Limited.

Kelvin Bwalya is said to have been receiving money on behalf of the PF from sponsors and promising them favours and contracts once PF forms government.

One  yet to be disclosed donor gave Bwalya $297 000 (Two hundred and Ninety-seven Thousand US Dollars) for onward transmission to the PF and in exchange for favours and contracts once the PF is in power.

But Bwalya only disclosed and gave the party $5000 (Five thousand USD). He also gave the person who witnessed the donation $2000.

But the businessman has been waiting for his ‘favours’ and to be awarded contracts to recoup his money.

After being given fake promises by Kelvin Bwalya who is also waiting in the queue to be appointed to some position by the PF, the businessman decided to go and meet Kabimba.

In shock, Kabimba rushed to the police.

But Kelvin Bwalya is also threatening to spill the beans against Kabimba. He claims he has information to the effect that Kabimba stole more from the party. He is saying Kabimba got more money that he did not disclose to the party.

Kelvin Bwalya is not an honest person.

In February 2010, the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) suspended him and his KBF law firm from practicing law.  LAZ had also ordered the immediate closure of his law firm.

According to a notice that was posted on the High Court bulletin board in February 2010, Justin Chashi a convenor from the Legal Practitioners Committee announced the suspension.

“Take notice that the above named practitioner has been suspended from practicing law with immediate effect. By this notice, the said practitioner is not to appear in any court of law/tribunal and should not file court processes of whatever nature until further notice from the undersigned,” Chashi announced.

He directed that Bwalya’s law firm be closed because it was a one-man firm.

“Since the firm under the name and style KBF and Partners is a one-man firm, it is further ordered that the firm be closed with immediate effect,” stated Chashi.

And in July 2011, the Drug Enforcement Commission arrested Kelvin Fube Bwalya for issuing cheques amounting to K500 million on an insufficiently funded account.

According to then DEC spokesperson John Nyawali, Bwalya, acting in his capacity as a lawyer at KBF and Partners law firm issued a total of five cheques to his clients ROSFIN Solutions Limited on an insufficiently funded account contrary to the National Payment Systems Act No.1 of 2007.

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