Kabimba saves Sata from embarrassment by personally revoking his appointment as MP

As was revealed by the Zambianwatchdog recently, ailing president Michael Sata has not yet written any letter to ‘dismissed’ former PF Secretary General General and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

Sata has equally forgotten to write the Clerk of National Assembly to formally withdraw Kabimba’s nomination as Member of Parliament hence officially maintaining his seat and possibly allowances and gratuity in the house.

To serve his former boss from embarrassment, Kabimba, according to today’s Post newspaper headline article, has formally written to the Clerk of National to excuse him from remaining in Parliament as nominated MP.

In his letter to the National Assembly, Kabimba refers to a conversation he had with the Clerk of National Assembly seeking clarification on his status as nominated  MP.

“You advised me that my nomination as MP had not been revoked at all. This was confirmed by the appearance of my name on the list of MPs on the day of the official opening of the fourth session of the eleventh National Assembly by Sata on Friday 19th September, 2014. I hereby request that I be excused from remaining in the house as nominated MP. I will be most obliged if you would inform the appointing authority accordingly,” reads part of Kabimba’s letter.

But Acting PF Secretary General and Justice Minister, Edgar Lungu, perhaps cleverly trying to save Sata from the embarrassment, lied that Kabimba’s nomination as MP was also revoked by president Sata.

This is the first time Kabimba has ever said or written anything since being dismissed other than informing people that he was now a farmer in Mumbwa.

Recently Kabimba’s relatives told the Watchdog the president Sata has still not written anything formal to Kabimba over his dismissal as minister and PF Secretary General.

Perhaps even Lungu is currently occupying all the positions in government and even getting paid salaries and allowances without any formal correspondence from Sata.

Kabwata MP Given Lubinda was also dismissed and later confessed during a radio Phoenix programme that he had never received any letter  from anyone, including from Sata over his dismissals.

It is possible that all Sata’s ministers and other government officials are in positions illegally without any formal appointment letters, especially daily transfers from one position to another.

Lungu being the lawyer he is should better normalise his appointment or Sata will one just woke up and ask him who appointed him, like was the case with Lusaka District Chairperson Robert Chikwelete.

To date, Kabimba has not said anything to even thank Sata for appointment as minister because he has not received his dismissal letters.

Perhaps this is the only honorable thing Kabimba has so far done since he was born because Sata was going to nominate somebody else in his place as MP before formally revoking the appointment of Kabimba, which would have been another serious constitutional breach.


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