Kabimba says amended constitution worthless

Wynter Kabimba says the amended constitution is a sham which has been doctored to favor the ruling Patriotic Front.
Speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Kabimba says the amended constitution is contrary to the expectations and aspirations of the people citing that what has come out in the constitution is different from what was in the draft constitution.
Mr. Kabimba notes that those in power have hijacked the people’s will noting that the new constitution is intended to entrench and consolidate the PF’s and President Lungu’s position to remain in power.
He says there is nothing legal about the new constitution but that it is merely a political document which indirectly is introducing a one party state and undermines democracy in a deliberate manner.
Mr. Kabimba stresses that the rainbow party does not support the new constitution but strongly condemns it.
He has further implored the people of Zambia to demand for a people driven constitution which his party is ready to give them once voted for.

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