Kabimba says his party will form govt in 2016

Kabimba says his party will  form govt in 2016

Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba says he is convinced beyond doubt that his party will in 2016 take over government with ease.

Speaking when he delivered his keynote speech at his party’s first ever national congress being held in Lusaka’s Liyayi area, Mr. Kabimba says the Rainbow Party with its ideology of socialism will lead the way as instrument of social change and economic transformation in Zambia.

Kabimba said that in order to execute this task effectively, his party however needs to marshal the support of all progressive forces wiwynterthin and outside Zambia.

Kabimba also urged his members to remain resolved and unequivocally commit themselves through the party to fight the endemic scourge of corruption in the governance system of the country.

He said  that his party stand for unity which was founded on Zambia’s 73 ethnic groups and racial minorities who have continued to live in peace and united in their diversity.

The Rainbow Party leader also overwhelmingly commended some Patriotic Front councilors from Mitete, Livingstone, Lusaka and Kasama for making what he terms a bold decision to leave their positions and join his party.

Kabimba believes that his party Rainbow Party is the only political party that has made strides within the space of six months to grow its membership from all the ten provinces in Zambia’s history.

Kabimba was accompanied by his wife Queen Kabimba, national mobilization coordinator Robert Chikwelete among other rainbow party officials.

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