Kabimba says Malawi’s judge Chikopo will not leave and that diplomats don’t vote

Kabimba says Malawi’s judge Chikopo will not leave and that diplomats don’t vote

Judge Chikopo is enjoying himself using Zambian taxi payers money

Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has advised opposition political leaders in the country to seek audience with the PF party or government on matters they feel they could be aggrieved.

Mr. Kabimba notes that it is also surprising for the opposition to shun celebrations of the Africa Freedom day saying the event should be used to signify the Unity of Africa and Zambia in particular.

Mr. Kabimba has questioned why the opposition political parties have resorted to expressing their grievances to the foreign diplomats’ resident in Zambia saying the diplomats are not here to represent the Zambians but their respective countries.

He adds that the one thing the opposition should understand that time is ticking before the 2016 elections saying the diplomats that they seem to be dating will not be relevant to them in the next elections because they are not voters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kabimba has noted that the calls by some opposition politicians to have judge Lovemore Chikopa return to Malawi are misplaced.

Mr. Kabimba notes that Judge Chikopa has a constitutional mandate to fulfill and will only leave the country once the mandate to chair the tribunal is over.

Opposition leaders are demanding that Judge Chikopa returns to Malawi as the tribunal is not sitting due to an injunction that obtained by two suspended judges Nigel Mutuna and Charles Kajimanga.

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