Kabimba says Mangani not PF member, admits there was bribe offer in oil contracting

Kabimba says Mangani not PF member, admits there was bribe offer in oil contracting

What is happening to Kabimba's face?Minister of Justice and the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Mr. Wynter Kabimba has disowned Lameck Mangani as a member of the party.

Speaking on ZNBC National Watch programme, Kabimba said Mangani’s relationship with the PF was merely a marriage of convenience. He said Mangani was in a similar situation as former MMD chairman for elections Mike Mulongoti who supported PF but were not members of the party. He said it was just a matter of ‘sangwapo’.

Mangani contested last year’s general election on the PF ticked but lost to an MMD candidate. However, he petitioned the elections and the matter is awaiting ruling from the High Court.

Kabimba also defended himself from corruption allegations involving Trafigura Oil. He said the allegations emanated from a company that had placed in a bid for the oil supply where he turned down a bribe.

He said when he refused to be bribed, the company lost the tender and made corruption allegations against him. Asked by a facebooker as to why he failed to report the company to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) if there was any suspected corruption, Kabimba responded that the issue had not reached the stage of corruption then.

“they only showed intent, we didn’t reach the point of bribe, I told them I am not interested,”

Kabimba also supported Kabwata constituency cadres that have petitioned him to expel foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda. He said the cadres followed the party procedures by making a petition and protesting to demand the expulsion of Lubinda.

He refuted assertions that the current infighting was created by the power struggle in the party.

He said he has no ambition to be party president but that he will be pleased to serve in the role that people will want him to serve.

As regards the arbitrary enforcement of the Public Order Act condemned by opposition parties and other Zambians, Kabimba said the police were enforcing the public order Act well. He said as an opposition party, PF leaders complained against the enforcement of the Act but always obliged.

There has been several complaints from opposition political parties that have accused the PF government of stifling the freedoms of Zambians through the enforcement of the Public Order Act.

The Law Association of Zambia has since applied for judicial review to strike out some ancient provisions that did not comply for the protection of fundamental human rights for citizens. Kabimba also said he felt great to act as Vice-President in the absence of Guy Scott.

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