Kabimba says MMD wants to lie that Sata is dead, as PF plans to reject results

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general, Wynter Kabimba has announced that the party has received information that the MMD will on September 18 and 19 issue false foreboding information that PF leader Michael Sata has died.

And PF says it will reject election results if in its opinion they will be rigged.

Addressing a press conference at Hotel Intercontinental on September 16, Mr Kabimba said through the monopolisation of the state media the MMD will issue this false rumour and attempt to shutdown other stations that would seek t counter it on the basis that no political material has to be broadcast after September 18, 2011.

“We have information that that in the next three days in conjunction with some telephone subscribers, the MMD intends to circulate by email, text messages and in the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and ZNBC unfounded propaganda that Michael Sata has died or is in hospital in South Africa,” he said.

“I want to urge you to ignore such information and treat it with the greatest contempt it deserves. It is the last kicks of the dying horse, the MMD. I want to assure you that the president is in good health and has been certified by doctors her and abroad as recent as three weeks ago,” he said.

And the Patriotic Front has trained and dispatched 27,000 pooling agents equipped with robust telecommunications equipment to ensure they report all forms of electoral malpractice to the party’s command centre in Lusaka within the shortest possible time.

Secretary-general Wynter Kabimba told the party has scored huge successes since 2001 and from 2008 the party has extended its support base to rural areas and held party elections at all levels including the general conference.

“We have trained 27,000 polling agents to ensure that they do not sign anything they do not understand. They have equipment and knowledge to stop electoral fraud. We want to ensure that our agents are in constant communication with our command centre in Lusaka. We have a robust communication system with each one of them,” Mr Kabimba said.

“We expect ECZ and international observers to raise electoral mal-practices early enough to avoid citizens taking the law into their own hands.”

The PF has provided satellite phones in areas where mobile phone communication is unavailable. This year, every vote cast for the PF will count. “”You vote is a weapon of redemption against the MMD’s poor governance, poor agro programmes, flooded areas and all the things they have to fix in the long 20 years they have been in power.”

“The manifesto is a social contract with the people of Zambia and we are using it to reach out to the people and so we cannot accept a rigged poll whilst watching those who are stealing,” he said.


“We have grown the party from a single MP in 2001 to 43 in 2006 and we have become a party of choice and credit goes to our party president for the hard work he has put in.”

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