Kabimba says NGOs should leave his corruption matters to ACC

Kabimba says NGOs should leave his corruption matters to ACC

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has hit back at people and organizations criticizing his barbaric conduct when he was summoned for questioning by the Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday over corruption allegations involving oil deals.

Kabimba has told QFM News that he does not need any lectures especially from the Non-Governmental Organization who have requested him to apologize to the ACC.

He has challenged NGOs to explain where they were when the Patriotic Front fought hard to remove the Rupiah Banda led MMD administration from power which according to him was the most corrupt administration.

Kabimba  also said that the ACC has not demanded an apology from him over his conduct and wondering why the civil society seems to be too vocal on the matter.

Kabimba who is also PF Secretary General says NGOs should leave his case to be handled by the ACC because he was not summoned by the NGOs or the civil society.

He has also indicated that he has written a letter to the ACC explaining the circumstances that led to his refusal to be questioned in private.

Kabimba refused to be questioned by ACC on Monday when he was summoned over allegations of corrupt activities in the Trafigura oil deal in which he is said to have received kick-backs.

In refusing to be queried, Kabimba said his case is a public one and wanted to be interrogated in Public.

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