Kabimba says PF corruption will be exposed after losing power

Rainbow party leader Wynter Kabimba has warned Patriotic Front leaders that their corruption will soon be exposed once they lose power.

And Kabimba has charged that the PF will be lucky if they manage to force a run-off poll in August.

Speaking when he featured on Joy FM Radio on Thursday, Kabimba said when he said the PF was corrupt he was challenged by Chishimba Kambwili to report the corrupt officials to the police but now Mulenga Sata has also mentioned corruption in the PF government as one of the reasons that made him resign his Ministerial position and from the PF.

Kabimba said when he was PF Secretary General he was privileged to information in his interactions with the President about corruption in the party.

He said he knew some individuals who were dependant adults a few years ago but have now accumulated wealth.

‘I can tell you individuals who just a few years ago were dependant adults on others but today they have accumulated some kind of wealth,’ Kabimba said.

Kabimba warned that the corruption in the PF will soon be exposed when they come out of power because people will get to the root of the corruption in the PF.

He said Kambwili’s thinking was upside down and wondered how he was conferred with an honorary ‘Doctorate degree.’

And Kabimba has charged that the PF will be lucky if they manage to force a run-off poll in August.

He claimed that he was experienced with managing elections and his assessment on the ground was clear that the PF is going to lose this year’s elections.

‘PF will not win the elections, that I can tell you, they will be lucky even to go for a run-off,’ Kabimba said.

He stressed that there was too much suffering under the PF government and pointed out that the fact that he was once a member of the PF should not prevent him from speaking out on the suffering that people were facing.

Meanwhile Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Sturdy Mwale has joined the likes of Emanuel Mwamba in violating the civil service code of conduct by actively engaging in partisan politics.

Mwale phoned- in on the programme and challenged Kabimba that the PF was waiting for him in the Copperbelt on August 11 this year.

‘We are waiting to defeat you on the Copperbelt and as PF and people behind Edgar Lungu we can even donate your nomination fee,’ Mwale bragged.

Kabimba responded that Mwale had no qualifications to be a Provincial Permanent Secretary but people like him could only be appointed by the PF because in the PF ‘everything goes.’


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