Kabimba says ZWD owned by HH’s cousin

PF nominated Secretary General Wynter Kabimba says the Zambian Watchdog is owned by a cousin of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In today (Sunday)’ lead story in the Past newspaper, Kabimba said the Watchdog practices cadre journalism and that he can’t sue it because he can’t see it. Kabimba also said the Watchdog does not influence anyone in Zambia and writes nothing but lies.

“The Post newspaper puts its articles on a public platform with a clear identity, so if I am not happy with the story in the Post, I will go to court. I can’t go to court against the Zambian Watchdog whom I cant see,” he said. “Zambians have come to see through that this is cadre journalism, which is intended to malign and vilify individuals in the hope of promoting Mr. HH and his group. Is it a coincidence that you never found anything written against HH or anybody in the UPND on the Zambian Watchdog?”

Kabimba accused Hichilema of using the Zambian Watchdog to campaign for his party.

“Does that mean that UPND, including Mr. HH, is an angel or is a saint? It cannot be a coincidence. It means this is a UPND project and we know that the Zambian Watchdog is owned by a cousin to Mr. HH,” he said. “Why is it good for the Zambian Watchdog to promote Mr. HH and it is bad for the Post to promote the good programmes of the Patriotic Front, which are in the interest of everybody?”


Kabimba said the government uses the Post to get feedback on the concerns of Zambians.

“We have received criticism from the Post when they don’t agree with us and we respect that and that is what we want. We want a feedback from the Zambian people through The Post through its editorial comments,” he said. “We want to govern this country in an inclusive manner; that the Zambians speak through The Post on their concerns on how PF is running the country. We shall respect their views and make amends where we think that as government we have made a mistake.”

Kabimba accused the Zambian Watchdog of practicing “cadre journalism.”

“Nobody in the country is ever influenced by the Watchdog, nobody. Everybody has come to realize that that is cadre journalism; there is a lot of falsehood on the Watchdog apart from the name of the person they want to refer to. If you believe that what you are saying is true, you must give your readers your identity. If you are going to remain anonymous, it means that you don’t believe the news you are disseminating is true,” said Kabimba.


First of all, Mr Kabimba, we are not the ones who infected you with HIV/AIDS. So nga yababa, do’t try take it on us.

Secondly, we have nothing to do with Hakainde Hichilema, but if you want to believe that, suit yourself.

Just three weeks ago, we were accused of being funded by Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) to the tune of K200, 000. So such accusations will neither derail nor make us lose focus.

Even if anyone at Watchdog was related to HH, that would still be ok because even Wynter Kabimba’s blood father is not only a staunch UPND supporter but holds a position in UPND.

In fact, that is why Kabimba evicted his own father from the farm. Or you thought we didn’t know that Mr nominated SG? We have contacts in your own house. We know how you forcibly separated your father and mother just because your father refused to join your party. The old man now leaves alone.

Can a man be more heartless?

And by the way Mr Kabimba, that son you think you have with Muuka is not yours. We know the real father. Keep checking here…

You say the Watchdog influences no one in Zambia yet you personally seem addicted to our updates. Otherwise how do you know that we never write anything against HH or UPND? It seems you don’t miss a single article we publish.

Why are you so bitter and angry at what we do if we have no influence and do not matter?

We certainly know that you did not utter most of the words published in the Past newspaper but that Fred M’embe added most of them. Nonetheless, they are attributed to you.

Why would you want us to attack HH and sing lyrics for PF? You have the Times, Daily, ZNBC and the past to compose your songs on a daily basis but still you are not satisfied. Is it because at the back of your mind you know that no one believes what is published in there?

Why do you think many people are hooked on this website despite what you think of its credibility?  You see Mr Kabimba, you can not fool the people all the time. People read what they want not what the PF wants. You can have all these big newspapers and TV stations propagating your agenda. But people will simply ignore you and instead go to a small publication, which you think is not credible.

There are a lot of website which specialise in writing hate speech against opposition leaders but do you know why few people bother to check them? It is because people are not as dull as you think.

How can you claim that you can’t see the Watchdog when your government spent US$5 Million to find out who is running the Watchdog? Didn’t Sata give you a copy of that report?  By the way the OP don’t agree with you. Check tomorrow morning.

You see, what we are doing can be described as ‘Guerrilla Journalism’ not cadre journalism as you suggest.  Cadre journalism is the type practiced by the Past, Daily mail, Times and ZNBC.  It involves praising useless leaders just like those women dance for politicians.

Guerrilla Journalism is the way to handle savages like you when they are in power.

We deliberately set up this network the way it is because we knew from the very beginning what type of barbarians we are dealing with.

You want us to tell you who we are so that you can ‘finish’ us the way Radio Phoenix was rendered worthless?

We, we have some bad news for you. We have no intention of stopping. This is an underground publication with massive local and international support. We are sure you saw what happened when you touched people you thought were connected to ZWD.

As a publication, we are growing everyday while your party is shrinking. And for you Mr Kabimba, your time of reckoning is coming, and it is coming soon.

As for M’membe, let him continue panicking and basking in past glory.

Like we said before, M’membe has no influence anymore and just this story shows how scared he is.

He knows that whatever poison he plants in the public through his past newspaper which most people now use as toilet people, we neutralise it.

If you want to know how low people regard the past newspaper these days, stand at the entry to their office in the evening and see the huge bundles of unsold copies being returned to Bwinjinfumu.

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