Whistle blower: Kabimba, Scott’s campaign manager given licences to supply oil

Whistle blower: Kabimba, Scott’s campaign manager given licences to supply oil

Dear Editor,
I am amazed how the PF Government is encouraging corruption. Today Wednesday June 6, the Energy Regulation Board has on page 26 of the Post Newspaper published a number of applicants to be issued licenses to deal in oil.

It is interesting to note that with applicant number 5, Midland Energy Zambia Limited, the Directors include one Kabimba Wynter Mwachambwa and one Mwanza Sylvester both of Lusaka. Since when did Winter start dealing in oil. Did that Commission he chaired raise so much interest in him to raise his appetite for business? Now while there is nothing wrong for him to engage in business, I feel Wynter has too much vested interest in the energy sector.

He is a high ranking official in the PIG (Party and its Government) who has even issued a number of cheap policy statements in the energy circles. Did he not Chair that sham commission of enquiry whose results we don’t all agree with.

Those of you who do not know the other chap, Sylvester Mwanza, this chap is a PF cadre who was campaign manager for one Guy Scot He is now at Zambia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, a despot diplomat! Please somebody stop this nonsense. In addition, a thorough review of the applicants outlines some connections to each other.

So there is no guarantee that if applicant number 5 is stopped they will not be involved. However we are doing a forensic check on all individuals, their phone records, pets, girlfriend and family.

The dossier shall be presented soon! Whoever has information send through and as stated by the advert send objections to the Energy Regulation Board.

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