Kabimba should resign for smuggling foreigners to rig 2011 elections – UPND youths

UPND youths have demanded that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba should resign to allow for his prosecution for the offence of smuggling foreign nationals to participate in the 2011 electoral process.

Central province youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe charged that Kabimba adulterated the Zambian statutes and should be prosecuted but since ailing dictator Michael Sata has barred investigative wings from investigating his ministers, Kabimba must step aside voluntarily.

Mwanakampwe fears that Zambians are not safe in their own country if arrogant people like Kabimba can admit to wrong doing and the police and citizens remain with hands akimbo.

He urged Kabimba not to be as stubborn as the disgraced former Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo who had to wait for the tribunal and later embarrass Sata by naming him in the ZAWA scandal. Mwanakampwe said by Kabimba’s own admission, he meant that Sata was aware and party to the smuggling offence.

The youth leader also demanded that a team of psychiatrists be constituted to determine Kabimba’s mental tenacity and that the law Association of Zambia (LAZ) must set up an inquiry into the breach of the law by their member.

Mwanakampwe further warned that UPND youths are now alert and will always police any future PF election illegalities as they believe that the same Kenyans who were smuggled in the country are still participating in the electoral process.


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