Kabimba signs contract for his company to transport govt fuel from Tanzani to reserve deports

Kabimba signs contract for his company to transport govt fuel from Tanzani to reserve deports

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, his brother in-law two Kenyans will soon be reaping huge sums of money by transporting government fuel to strategic reserves that are being constructed.

pacra1Wynter Kabimba who at one time chaired the Energy Regulations Board (ERB) commission of inquiry has already registered their company called Midland Energy Zambia Limited with the ERB in the fuel transportation category a contract that will start running soon and the company will start transporting fuel from Tanzania to Mpika government strategic reserve depot in Mpika that has since been completed.

Investigations reveal that part of the contract will be sub-contracted to Ilunda Chalo Investments Limited a company which Kabimba owns with President Michael Sata.

Documents obtained from Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) show that the nature of business for Midland Energy Zambia Limited is trading and repair of automotives.

The shareholders in this company are Mwanza Silvester who is the elder brother to Kabimba’s gilfriend, Wynter Kabimba himself, Noor Abdi Ali and Noor Aden Issack both of Nairobi Kenya.

Our investigations further reveal that apart from transporting fuel to Mpika, Kabimba will be transporting government fuel to Lusaka along Buyantanshi Road and Solwezi depot.

The Ministry of Justice where Wynter Kabimba is Minister and a ministry responsible for preparing contracts is reported to have concluded the contract preparation and the Attorney General may have already cleared it.

The company is situated at Wynter Kabimba’s Law firm on 3rd Floor Godfrey House Longolongo Road in Lusaka. According to documents, Kabimba’s law firm Kabimba and Company Advocates incorporated the company.

The company was registered on 10/01/12 and this is the time Kabimba had just finished chairing the ERB commission of inquiry. ERB regulates the energy sector in the country. Any sane person’s conclusion is that Kabimba got inside information from ERB and used it to his advantage. Therefore Kabimba took advantage of the chairing the commission. The Zambian Watchdog is also investigating Attorney General Mumba Malila in relation to some payments and will soon expose it.

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