Kabimba sires another child outside wedlock, this time with envoy’s daughter

Kabimba sires another child outside wedlock, this time with envoy’s daughter

Man about town: Kabimba

Despite being married and having children with a much respected woman, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has continued impregnating other women.

And President Michael Sata seems to be encouraging his minister’s wild libido.

In this time and age of AIDS, Kabimba seems not to care about condoms as he has just sired another son outside wedlock.

And the woman is a daughter of Zambia’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Francis Simenda. She has been identified as Muuka Simenda. Her age is not known by sources say she is in her 20s.

Kabimba was born on January 12, 1958, meaning he is 54 years old.

The child was born a few months ago and has been named Wynter Kabimba Junior.

Francis Simenda was until the last elections vice-president for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND).

The nation just heard one day that Simenda has been appointed envoy to Ethiopia by President Michael Sata.

It has now been revealed that Simenda was appointed at the recommendation of his son-in-law Kabimba after impregnating his daughter.

Kabimba is also said to be the father of Dick Masebo Junior the deputy ambassador to Japan. Dick Masebo is the son of Sylvia Masebo, the minister of tourism and Choongwe MP.

Kabimba is married to a very prominent businesswoman who runs Tick Schools in Lusaka.

A few years ago, Kabimba had abandoned his wife to go and live with Sylvia Masebo for a period of Five years.

But Kabimba has since taken back his wife.

President Michael Sata, despite knowing this loose conduct by his minister seems happy about it. Even when he appointed Simenda as envoy to Ethiopia, he knew that he was recommended because Kabimba impregnated his daughter.



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