Kabimba smuggled in Kenyan nationals to temper with 2011 elections

PF secretary general and Justice minister Wynter Kabimba has told his party cadres that he personally smuggled in Kenyans through Nakonde border to temper with the 2011 general elections, but Kabimba’s reactions have been condemned by opposition parties.

During one of his already kicked off presidential campaigns, Kabimba said he illegally brought in Kenyans to help conduct parallel voter tabulation (PVT) for PF.

People’s party president Mike Mulongoti has charged that Kabimba’s confession has put the credibility of the ECZ which declared the PF candidate Michael Sata winner in a mystery of circumstances where the ECZ website was hacked during the counting of votes.

Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) leader Father Frank Bwalya has called on the law enforcement agencies to arrest Kabimba for the illegality. Fr. Bwalya said the fact that Kabimba illegally smuggled foreigners to tamper with elections meant that those foreigners were of questionable character, otherwise they should have entered Zambia normally like any other election monitors.

In a statement obtained by the Watchdog, Fr. Bwalya says ailing dictator Sata knew about this criminal activity and has challenged him to ensure that there is no political interference in this matter to prove that there are no sacred cows in his PF government.

He said that if Kabimba can confess to committing this crime while in opposition, then all Zambians should get worried at thinking of what PF can do with the advantage of incumbency on their side in 2016. He has called on Zambians to unite and remove the PF from government or risk Zambia being turned into a banana republic.

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