Kabimba starts receiving bribes from Chipata Central candidates

PF Secretary General is currently cashing-in on individuals wishing to contest on the PF ticket in the Chipata central parliamentary by-election.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2013, the  Courts nullified  the election of MMD area Member of Parliament Rueben Mtolo Phiri in 2011 tripartite polls.

The nullification follows the petition by former Home Affairs minister Lameck Mangani who contested the seat on Patriotic Front (PF) in 2011. Before that Mangani was the MP for the same seat.

Just the same day the nullification was announced, Yusuf Hanif  Badat, a Chipata based businessman met with PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba and gave him Kr300, 000 as gratification for adoption. Badat is one of the richest businessmen in Chipata.

The Asian community in Chipata is said to be rallying financial support to back Badat so that their business interests can be protected under PF.  Like most businessmen of foreign origin elsewhere in Zambia, Asian businessmen in Chipata are facing intimidation by the government. The businessmen are coerced to donate to the party and senior party officials or have their businesses grabbed or face deportation. The Asian community in Chipata has no choice but to pump money in the PF and give to individuals like Kabimba.

The PF is not even considering Lameck Mangani as a potential candidate. Sources in PF say Mangani adds no value to the PF, is broke and can lose the seat if adopted.

The other person the PF is trying to convince to stand on its ticket is Meanwood properties executive chairperson Robinson Zulu.

But people close to Mr Zulu say he is apolitical and not interested.

The MMD will readopt Rueben Mtolo Phiri while the UPND is still consulting but the Watchdog has heard that  former Finance Bank spokesperson Noel Nkhoma could be the UPND candidate.





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    kalaluka 5 years

    Let the Indians of Chipata be reminded of the riots & looting that took place in Katete, incited & organised by PF members. Any money poured into their coffers will come to haunt you. Upto now the Government has not supported businesses affected in anyway, same businesses who were running most government programmes. It is time you spoke out otherwise you’ll be trampled on. Seek compensation for looting on the basis of negligence on the part of government by their agencies like Police.

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    kalaluka 5 years

    I think the story has a lot of rubbish in regards to PF forcing businesses to donate & stuff like that. Yes business is slow & terrible due to economic policies but Zambians of Indian origin are not rallying to raise money for Badat & most of them don’t care who their MP is as generally it doesn’t make a difference. Nobody is raising money for Badat to ensure safety from PF, load of crap. Maybe individuals who get kickbacks from the government might & will throw money but not on basis of colour.

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    Blackberry 5 years

    NOEL NKHHOMA??? He wont win, believe me you!!!! Badat is very rich and we all know the power that cash can have over an empty stomach..(very common in chipata).. The MMD should forget about the sit.

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    petauke 5 years

    PF is the most democratic Party in Africa nowander our Secretary General was voted as chairman for african political parties he cant sink so low to get bribes for adoption the problem we have in Zambia is if people in power chat with opposition or any member we start ask y they are not suppose to be together NO politics should be a nice game which every one should enjoy

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    GLM 5 years

    Its Kabimba again jst this wk on Tvz as usual he was bragging that people in Kafulafuta r behind PF but on Muvi the indigenous locals and not the corrupted and stage managed cadres vowed not to vote for the former MP coz of his misdeeds! For Kabimba;”He laughs last laughs the loudest”

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    Sir Jeff 5 years

    Those r riddles ba bwana! U mean u cant see the sense in his statement? Grow yo scope of how u should analyse issues. Its the percentagwe of dos and donts prevailing that the guy is looking at. U want to bury yo head in the sand?

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    mukai 5 years

    Noel can be the man of the day come what

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    George Bush 5 years

    Why is there a picture of an ape in this new story?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Advocate 5 years

    You seem to vehemently oppose PF but come elections they win why?

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    Patrice Kagame 5 years

    Well said but not really rocket science..Zambians have always made bad choices and the trend is likely to continue bacause of cheap tribalism perpetrated by politicians and bought by the marjority.

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    zionele 5 years

    ZAMBIANS, WE WERE CONNED!!!Yes we gave PF a vote, they promised to give us more jobs, lower taxes and better life. What have we now seen? More jobs for Sata and his relatives, Wynter Kabimba, GBM, The Post and Fred Mmembe. What have they rewarded we the voters? PF has done a very good job – increased fuel prices so every price has gone Up. We never qued for mealie meal, now we are lining up. PF has increased mealie meal prices, from K37 to K80 and K150 on C/Belt. PF cares so much about the people. Sata still mantains user fees in hospitals, we are still paying. We are very happy with PF, Ministers are refusing to be probed by ACC. The Post is now the clearing house of corruption allegations instead of the Courts. Business contracts are just for people who go to State House. This is very good. We are so stupid coz the PF is untoucheable. Ministers are so arrogant, this is fantastic. At least they are making we the voters realise how stupid we were in September 2011. Our freedoms of association are now in the hands of the Police – another good idea coz when you meet a Chief at his palace, police will arrest you. This is what we wanted in 2011. Surely Chanda Chimba III is a true prophet for Zambian. Where is he we honour him at next honours ceremony at state house. Now, no one can talk under the PF, ok, that’s what we wanted, coz Chanda Chimba told lies about Sata and what we are experiencing is just a fiction of our minds – its not true that Nevers Mumba, HH, Chipimo, RB have been arrested and harrased. We voted for PF so that Ministers can be insulting we the voters, we love it and we shall give them another Term in Hell.

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      maimbolwa 5 years

      Muli bachikala sana, you can’t even be ashamed to write such bluntant nonsense. Where do you buy milea meal for K150? Ukafwa nechikonko matole yobe.

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        it is sadening to note that there are peopple who cant accept change and have continued to be in denial, give the PF chance, we still have a long way otherwise critcize when necessary and dont believe anthing you hear from people without evidence; we all love zambia.