Kabimba still sick at home as revealed by Sata himself

Kabimba still sick at home as revealed by Sata himself

Kabimba his son with Francis Simenda's daughter

Kabimba his son with Francis Simenda’s daughter

Justice Minister and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has also joined the long list of ailing PF leaders as he is still sick and receiving treatment at home.

Mr. Kabimba has had a long history of extra marital affairs with the likes of Tourism Minister Silvia Masebo who was also hospitalized a few weeks ago at UTH.

Sources within the PF have told the Watchdog that Mr. Kabimba has been ailing for sometime now even though he at times appears in public and features on live television programmes.

Simenda's daughter and one of Kabimba's concubines

Simenda’s daughter and one of Kabimba’s concubines

Without realizing, fellow patient Michael Sata  publicly disclosed that his Secretary General Kabimba was unwell and failed to attend Christmas thanks giving function at State House for the senior citizens.

In paying growing tribute to his wife Dr. Christine Kaseba for keeping the dictator alive up to now, Sata was quoted by the Post newspaper as saying that Mr. Kabimba has not been feeling well.

In revealing Kabimba’s illness without giving much details, Sata confessed he would have been rotten and dead without his wife Dr Christine Kaseba.

“This girl you have seen here without her probably by now I would have been rotten. I would have died a long time ago. And this youngman (Grey Zulu) you have seen here was my boss, he was secretary general of the United National Independence Party (UNIP); without him there would be no Zambia. His brother (Dr Kenneth Kaunda is not here. Is the secretary general of the party here? Mr Wynter! Secretary general has not been feeling well…,” President Sata revealed.

It is not clear whether Mr. Kabimba, who is eyeing the PF presidency, has been consistent in taking his daily prescribed medication or he is finally giving up as well.

Other than his respectable wife, Silvia Masebo, and many other women, Kabimba also has a child with former Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia Francis Simenda’s daughter.

Mr. Simenda quit UPND vice-presidency when PF won elections to take up the position provided by his son-law Mr. Kabimba, but was recently fired by Mr. Sata for unknown reasons.

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