Kabimba tells people to get ready for a by election, even Presidential

Kabimba tells people to get ready for a by election, even Presidential

PF Secretary general Wynter Kabimba has told people of Kasama to be ready for by elections at any level including Presidential and has promised that he would be back into Northern province soon to visit more areas for political mobilization.

Addressing PF cadres in Kasama Kabimba said all party structures must unite and start working together everywhere because there were by elections ‘around the corner’, in apparent reference to Kasama lawmaker Geoffrey Mwamba’s pending expulsion from the PF. The other by election Kabimba referred to was the Lukashya seat where GBM’s sister in law, Alfredah Kansembe Mwamba is the current PF MP.

PF sources in the area also told the Zambian Watchdog that Kabimba told an indoor meeting that the party must be ready even for a Presidential by election asbut did not state how a Presidential by election would be held when there was already a sitting President, Michael Sata.

“The SG told us to be ready for by elections starting from ward to Presidential because PF wanted to continue its mandate given by the people in 2011. He mentioned that Northern province was a stronghold of PF and even if a Presidential by election was to be held, the PF must retain the seats,” said the source.

While President Sata has been reportedly sick and failed to deliver a speech during labor day in Lusaka, Kabimba has been on a countrywide campaign trail under the disguise of reorganizing the party.

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