Kabimba tells Zambians to vote No in referendum

The opposition Rainbow Party has urged Zambians to vote ‘No’ in the August referendum because the constitution upon which the Bill of Rights is anchored is discriminatory.
Rainbow party General Secretary Wynter Kabimba says the amended republican constitution gives the people of Zambia rights on one hand and takes them away on the other hand.
Mr. Kabimba has cited the Grade 12 certificate requirement for elective office as once such provision that discriminates against Zambian citizens.
He told QFM Radio that Zambians should therefore wait for a new government that will ensure they have genuine rights enshrined in the constitution.
And Mr Kabimba says his party is gaining ground and competing favourably with major political parties ahead of the August general election.
He says people are responding well to the Rainbow party’s ideals and policies.
Some stakeholders have expressed concern that holding the referendum on the bill of rights alongside general elections may lead to delays in announcing presidential results and give room for manipulation by the desperate PF.

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