ACC closes in on Kabimba, will appear for questioning today

ACC closes in on Kabimba, will appear for questioning today

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba is today expected to appear for questioning at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

Kabimba is being investigated for allegations of receiving huge monetary bribes to influence the contracting of Trafigura to supply $500 million worth of oil to Zambia.

The Watchdog has been informed


that the ACC has found enough ‘dirty’ to launch a full investigation into Kabimba’s oil scams.

Zambia in August awarded a $500 million contract to  Trafigura to supply petrol and diesel for one year.

Trafigura is to supply Zambia with 216 million litres of petrol and 21 million litres of diesel during the contract period which started in October 2012.

From the time the investigations began, Kabimba has been panicking and trying to intimidate the ACC. He has written letters to them giving them ultimatums in which to clear him.

On October 17, the Post newspaper concocted fabrications that the Anti-Corruption Commission concluded investigations into Kabimba’s oil scandals but that investigations failed to yield results.

The Post newspaper was trying to influence the outcome of the investigations so that their stooge Kabimba could be cleared.

Kabimba doubles as Justice Minister and  PF Secretary General. The ACC is also investigating Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba for different charges of corruption.

But Mwamba has never commented on the matter. Mwamba is very corrupt and a serious investigation into his businesses can send him to prison ten times over.

Ten foreign firms including Glencore, Geneva-based trader Gunvor, in March bid to supply oil to Zambia after a previous contract with Glencore expired in March 2010. Most of these bidders offered more competitive rates and services to Zambia.

But under the influence of bribes and Kabimba, the contract was awarded to Trafigura. Kabimba has even formed his own company called Midlands Energy Zambia with ghost shareholders to supply oil.

According to records at PACRA, one of the shareholders in Midlands energy Company is recorded as staying at plot 337 Manchichi Road in Northmead, Lusaka.

But a check at this house by the Watchdog revealed that the person who stays there is Kabimba’s concubine Muuka Simeenda, the daughter of Zambia’s ambassador to Ethiopia. Kabimba and Muuka have a child. See our earlier revelations here.

Zambia imports all of its petroleum requirements, mainly from the Middle East, through the port of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania.

The corruption involving Kabimba and his Trafigura partners was first reported by the Watchdog here.

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