Kabimba went to Cuba to open plunder accounts as M’membe gets diplomatic passport

Dear Editor,


I wish to bring to your attention of the mass plunder of our economy that is happening in this corrupt PF government.


Firstly,the PF leaders including their puppet master Fred Namakando M’membe are busy shipping hard currency to CUBA. Fred himself is flying to Havana with suitcases of Dollars at least twice a month using a diplomatic passport,so he cannot be searched at the airport.

Recently, Wynter went to CUBA to formalise the operations of his and his bosses’ bank accounts(remember the Trafigura Oilgate  ‘commissions’ have be deposited somewhere)where illicit funds can be easily laundered.

These plunderers because they know that plundered funds deposited even in secret accounts in Swiss banks or any other off shore havens are extremely difficult to access(Frederick Chiluba failed to access the funds he had stolen,hence died a pauper). The CIA,the FED etc with our agencies will not allow access AFTER leaving the presidency. And the crooks in government know it(after all they were in charge of prosecuting chiluba and gained ‘valuable’ lessons on how to conceal and how not conceal plundered funds),hatched a scheme to hide these resources to ‘safe havens’ like Cuba and North Korea, Sudan and Iran. How do you think the increased closeness of the PF hierarchy and their friends towards Cuba,North Korea,Iran,Sudan and to some extent Zimbabwe?

And the plunder of the Euro Bond?

A large chunk of the Euro Bond has already been plundered. How?

Zambia Railways has been ‘allocated’ hundreds of millions of dollars…but a closer look at the institution will reveal something sinister: the Board Chairman is Mark Chona,who was in charge of the probe team in to the Chiluba cases and to date he has never accounted for the millions of dollars the donors pumped in to the team,which was manned by among others,Mutembo Nchito. Chona’s typical operations date from when he was KK’s aide and stole £50m which was entrusted to him by KK and hid it in offshore accounts.

Fortunately,he has failed to access those funds,even KK has also failed to access funds hidden in western so-called safe havens for the simple reason that after you are out of power,they will not let you touch the money unless you show proof that you earned it legitimately.

And now Chona is placed to be in he chair at Zambia Railways so that he can dip his long fingers on the proceeds of the Euro Bond? A monkey in a maize field as HH would say!

That is why now these thieves have resorted to taking looted funds to Cuba,North Korea,Sudan,Iran,Venezuela all rouge states for the purposes of laundering the same.

We write this so that the public know where they are hiding our money.

Let Mark Chona,Fred M’membe  Mutembo Nchito, Wynter Kabimba and their ilk be warned that the world is a small village and there is nowhere where plunderers can safely hide illicit resources. Even if you hide the funds in a rat hole we shall find it and haul you before the justice system.


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