Kabimba’s advice to RB

Written by: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa


I had to pinch myself a couple times just to make sure I was not dreaming!

Here I was reading The notorious Wynter Kabimba, a known corrupt Cabinet Minister, advising Former President Banda to cooperate with the Anti Corruption Commission Investigations in the alleged crimes the former head of state may have committed while in office!

Now wait a minute!  Kabimba is equally facing serious corruption allegations at the ACC! Instead of co-operating with the ACC the arrogant and lawless and corrupt Minister of Justice turned the ACC offices upside down with his mob of noisy cadres and refused to be questioned.

To this day the corrupt Kabimba continues to resist interviews, hiding we are told under the powerful and suffocating heavy dark cloak of Presidential Protection!

Kabimba in particular and PF Government in general have no moral right to advise President Banda respect the ACC investigation . 

The very organisation they have disgraced and fatally undermined in their quest to illegally protect this crook Kabimba from answering for his  corruption allegations surrounding the Trafalgar toxic and rotten oil deal!

We will be forgiven for advising Wynter to seek urgent medical attention, he is showing serious signs of mental illness. The poor man seems to have lost his grip on reality!

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