Kabimba’s days are numbered – PF officials

Senior PF members have said Wynter Kabimba’s days in politics are numbered.

The senior members, whose names have been withheld at their behest, said Kabimba was causing serious rifts in the party, as he sought to assert his position while he dreams of succeeding Michael Sata.

The sources were referring to Kabimba’s fights with Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, popularly known as GBM, and Foreign Affairs Minister Given Lubinda.

“He has become too big headed but he must know that he won’t last long. He is antagonizing hard-working members of the party who contributed in a big way to bring the party to where it is now while he was on the fringes,” the sources said.

“The people he’s fighting have huge support in the constituencies where they come from and Kabimba does not even have a constituency, not even little support among senior members within the party. He should realize that when he fights GBM and Lubinda, he’s also fighting the people in Kasama and Kabwata (constituencies).”

The sources said Kabimba had no political clout and was abusing his luck.

“He didn’t even work for the positions he holds. He was just appointed in both positions (of Secretary General and Justice Minister) and when he’s dropped he’ll be reduced to nothing. If you want to see how unpopular he is, just subject him to any simple election. He can’t even win as a councillor. Sata should be careful because Kabimba will drag him down with him into the doldrums. This is a friendly warning and if things continue going this way, the game will be messy,” the sources said.

Kabimba has ordered Lubinda, who is MP for Kabwata to exculpate himself for allegedly leaking information to online media or face disciplinary action.

Lubinda is and the second one to be targeted by  Kabimba for disciplining after  GBM.

In the party, Kabimba has also suspended former Home Affairs minister in the MMD government, Lameck Mangani together with his group in Eastern province.

As the battle for presidential succession intensifies in the PF, Watchdog sources say there are more senior leaders that have been targeted by Kabimba so that he remains the clear favourite.

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