Kabimba’s sorrows in PF deepen as Sata recognises coup plotter Chikwelete

Kabimba’s sorrows in PF deepen as Sata recognises coup plotter Chikwelete

Ailing dictator Michael Sata yesterday instantly recognized the coup leader, Robbert Chikwelete, as the new Lusaka District Chairman.

And  Sata has again single-handedly promoted unpopular and perpetual losing Chipata Central candidate Lameck Mangani as the new Eastern province chairman.

In an action devoid of any semblance of internal party democracy, Sata yesterday even allowed Mr. Chikwelete to give an acceptance speech during the launch of another renamed MMD project now called Pave Zambia 2000 in Chiwama.

Chikwelete has recently been the one perpetuating massive protests and violence among fellow PF hooligans in Lusaka without a police permit and has also been leading calls to have the embattled party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba removed and expelled from the PF.

The instant recognition of Mr. Kabimba’s sworn enemies now means nothing to the attempts by  Sata who earlier on in the week had hoodwinked him that he was on his side.

Chikwelete and other thugs who have now been recognized by  Sata are fully sponsored by Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to have Mr. Kabimba expelled from PF.

The recognition of the coup plotter, Mr. Chikwelete is a further slap on Fred Mmembe of the Post newspaper who is sponsoring Kabimba and has been writing various editorials to have him (Chikwelete) arrested for perpetuating violence against fellow cadres in Lusaka.

The successful coup and recognition by the president now means the elected Lusaka District Executive of Mr. Goodson Banda that was on Fred Mmembe and Kabimba’s side are now completely jobless in PF.

The promotion of Lameck Mangani as Eastern province chairperson is nothing new in PF as the ruling party has never been known to hold any credible elections at any level.

Recently, Sata phoned Southern province minister Daniel ‘politics of the belly’ Munkombwe that he was being promoted with immediate effect as Southern province PF chairman following the successful death and burial of his wife.

And now Munkombwe is probably thanking God for the death and burial of his wife as that earned him an instant promotion from Mr. Sata, a fellow old man who they jointly share more than 160 years of wasted life on earth.

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