Kabimba’s witchdoctor not yet paid for failing to deliver, Mmembe warned to stay away

Highly placed PF and Zambian government security sources have confirmed the Zambianwatchdog revelations that embattled party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba hired and lives with a witchdoctor whose assignment was to bewitch president Michael Sata.

And PF sources have disclosed that ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott belongs to the Fred Mmembe and Kabimba camp that is undermining president Michael Sata’s government with a view to replace him with Mr. Kabimba.

Sources disclosed that security sources have been trailing Kabimba’s witchdoctor and they recently visited Kabimba’s house with a view to interview him.

But they were told he had left for Nangoma area in Mumbwa District where security wings again went and located the witchdoctor.

Upon interviewing him, Kabimba’s traditional medicine man revealed that he normally goes to his house because he is still owed some money for the ‘work’ done so far.

“Upon investigations, we discovered that Kabimba has not paid this traditional witchdoctor because the medicine has not yet worked. The agreement from our investigations is that Kabimba had been promised by the witchdoctor that the medicine to bewitch Mr. Sata was going to work by July this year. According to them, Sata was supposed to die by July this year after which Kabimba would have taken over as republican president. But since the medicine has not worked according to the agreement, Kabimba is refusing to pay the man until he delivers,” sources revealed.

On Guy Scott, sources disclosed that he was indeed working with the Fred Mmembe and his cartel members to undermine president Sata as he never trusts him anymore.

Sources disclosed that some three months ago, Fred Mmembe, owner of Post newspaper, and the main person behind Kabimba’s presidential ambitions, called for a braii at his residency near Show Grounds.

“Mmembe and his cartel including Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and a prominent businessman invited Vice-Guy Scott and five other cabinet ministers for a braii with a view to plot on how to proceed with the Kabimba project of replacing Mr. Sata. But somehow, president Michael Sata got wind of the whole scheme from some among them and intelligent sources,” sources have disclosed.

Highly placed security sources say a few hours before the braii, a fellow cabinet minister called Guy Scott never to attend the braii because president Sata had gotten wind of it and that it was dangerous to go ahead.

“Then the vice-president phoned his wife Charlott Scott to represent him at the braii. But when the wife was at Mmembe’s residence, she realized that there was nothing happening and she called Guy Scott again. It was at this moment that Scott told the wife go back as he would explain to her later,” sources said.

Sources said most of the invited ministers grew cold feet and never attended the braii as the whole scheme had been exposed to president Sata.

Highly placed sources said even late Information and Broadcasting Minister, Kenney Sakeni together with the likes of Silvia Masebo were part of the group that wanted to replace Mr. Sata with Kabimba hence the removal of corrupt Amos Malupenga as Information and Broadcasting permanent secretary.

And senior PF members have warned Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe to stay away from the PF squabbles or he will be bruised big time.

Sources said unlike Kabimba who is merely facing corruption allegations, Mmembe had more to lose in this battle with his huge debts from various government institutions that the ruling party can call at short notice with interest.

“Mmembe should know that he is an enemy and we will never treat him like former president Rupiah Banda who never followed Shaka Zulu’s principle of never leaving an enemy behind. Unlike RB who left an enemy (Fred Mmembe) behind, we shall make sure he is completely bruised and never recover again. That propaganda wing of his (Post newspaper) will be slapped with huge debts that can be called at short notice with interest. In short, we will destroy him before he destroys us,” sources have warned.

So far, Guy Scott has publicly differed with his boss by maintaining that Lusaka District Chairperson Robbert Chikwelete who was recently publicly appointed and recognized by president Sata at the Chawama function, is just an imposter.

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