Kabinga Pande declares his candidature to lead MMD

MMD vice National Chairman Kabinga Pande has declared his candidature for the party presidency.

And Pande has said if the MMD made 100 mistakes, then 50 were made by Michael Sata. Pande said the harsh realities of governance have started manifesting in the Patriotic Front (PF) led government.

Pande said Sata and his PF have no right to condemn MMD because Sata was in the MMD top leadership for 10 years. He said vice president Guy Scott and other senior MMD government officials were part of the MMD.

Pande who is also Kasempa Member of Parliament and MMD deputy national Chairman, has also alleged that the PF government has no clear plan of governing the country judging from the failure by government to meet its campaign promises to the Zambian people within the 90 day period they had set for themselves.

Pande declared his candidature at Mulungushi conference centre Wednesday morning where he said he will re-brand the party once elected Party president.

Pande said the party needs a man like him who is ready to rebuild the party and partner with the grass roots.

And Pande explained that the MMD National Executive Committee has not met to decide on which root it will take in electing its party president.

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