Kabompo residents angry with PF for blocking development

Government officials in Kabompo district of North Western province ordered a local donor Charles Kaselwa to stop his development agenda for Kabompo district because what he is intending to do, government is already considering doing it.

But this has angered the people.

Mr Kaselwa has embarked on several developmental projects that are aimed at face lifting Kabompo district.
Last week, Government officials that included Kabompo District Commissioner Shantel Ndumba, Kabompo District Council Secretary Mr Samakonga, Kabompo District Education Board Secretary Richard Kasoma, Intelligent Officers and both Kabompo Police in-charge and his counterpart from Kabompo Correctional Services summoned Charles Kaselwa to clarify on his intentions to develop Kabompo district. How can this be a crime ?

While at the meeting, the council through its Secretary told Mr Kaselwa that his intention to work on feeder roads which are in bad shape and the construction of Kapende Stadium VIP shelter cannot be granted because Government through The Road Development Agency (RDA) and the Council will soon start working on the roads and the stadium respectively while his continued rehabilitation of schools has been halted through advice from the DEBS office that Government has its own standards adding that anyone else cannot do the job.

So far, Charles Kaselwa has built a mother’s shelter at Kabompo District Hospital but Government is on hold to receive it. The local donor had also written to the council asking if he could refurbish and rehabilitate Kapende Stadium but government has told him it will soon work on the stadium.
This move taken by Government officials in the district, has angered Kabompo residents. Speaking on behalf of the people of Kabompo, Kabompo District Stakeholders Association Chairman Rodgers Chinyemba said Government should not test the people of Kabompo by barring and intimidating people with the vision of supplementing Government efforts of fostering development. Mr Chinyemba said if development will not be taken to Kabompo, government will be held accountable. He said government should tell Kabompo residents if it will tar or gravel township roads before rain season if not, then the people of Kabompo through the Association will allow anybody to work on the roads and other projects.
Mr Chinyemba said it is insane to block anybody that want to foster development. Mr Chinyemba has however, advised Mr Kaselwa to go ahead with the projects once the Council fail to give the association satisfactory reasons.
Meanwhile, Mr Kaselwa is shocked that he can be blocked from taking development to the area where people are in need of it. He said his agenda is not about taking guns to the people but that of helping them.
Currently Mr Kaselwa has refurbished several schools in the district including his former school – Kabompo Secondary School. Kaselwa is in the process of delivering 14,000 iron sheets for various projects in Kabompo district.

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