Kabwe businessman hits worker for demanding pay

Kabwe businessman hits worker for demanding pay


IMG_1838[1]A Kabwe based Lebanese businessman Nabil Illari has assaulted his worker Kelly Mwansa and injured him on the forehead for asking for his pay. Police have since apprehended Illari and is likely to be charged with unlawful wounding.

And quick action by police saved the restaurant from being looted by irate residents who almost broke the shop when the assaillant locked himself and all other workers inside.

According to other workers who were present, Illari is alleged to have hit Mwansa with a wooden rolling pin after Mwansa who has not been paid for two months and has been fired went to ask for his money. Mwansa was hit on the forehead and sustained a deep cut and bled profusely.

The workers said Illari who is said to be a partner and manager at Speers Restaurant along Buntungwa road had a perpetual habit of sexually and physically abusing the workers. “It is not the first time he has done that, some girls he sexually abuses them while us men are insulted whenever we demanded for our salaries which have no fixed date, we are treated as if we are slaves in our own country and are only working because there is no employment elsewhere” said a male employee who opted for anonymity.

After word went round that Illari had assaulted his worker, some residents surrounded the shop and threatened to beat up the owners. After they locked themselves up the irate residents started throwing stones and other objects at the shop but quick action by police saved the situation. Three uniformed policemen from town centre police post but could not contain the rowdy crowd until when reinforcement by the armed anti-robbery unit who managed to control the crowd.

Meanwhile an overzealous armed policeman threatened to beat journalists from the public and private media houses who went to cover the event. At one time he even threatened to break a camera belonging to a ZANIS Reporter. The action angered the reporters who jointly complained to the officer in charge.

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