Kabwe businessman questioned by Police for Fraud

Prominent Kabwe businessman Christon Vwalika has been summoned by the police Frauds section for investigations in the matter where he is alleged to have forged documents purpoting that he had duly bought a house from a Kabwe retiree Leonard Muzeya and proceeded to change ownership of the same property without Muzeya’s consent.
Vwalika appeared before the police frauds section on Thursday where police questioned him about the authenticity of the titles of house number 99, Momboshi street in Pollen, Kabwe.
According to Muzeya, Vwalika who owns CV transport and Expressline transport  is alleged to have changed ownership of the house after forging a letter from FB Nanguzgambo and Associates purporting that Muzeya had sold the house to him. However the law firm has dissociated itself from the transaction and has demanded for an apology and compensation for damages from Vwalika, saying they did not at any time take part in the house ownership change.
“We are being abused by yourselves and painting us as crooks to the other party and not worth our calling as practicing advocates…I hold you solely responsible for all this and I am in the process of commencing legal process against you for damages for these and the professional embarrassment that has been caused to us and our law firm,” Nanguzgambo’s letter dated 24th August, 2011 reads in part.
Documents obtained by the Zambian watchdog from the Ministry of lands indicate that FB Nanguzgambo and Associates entered an assignment in respect of stand number KABW 78250, property of Leonard Muzeya on 4th June, 2009, resulting into issuance of certificate title number 17581 in Vwalika’s favour on the same date, but when contacted for verification of the transaction, Captain Fred Nanguzgambo, the senior partner in Nanguzgambo and associates refused having acted on behalf of Vwalika and said all documents bearing his signature were an act of fraud, he confirmed having written a complaint letter to Vwalika to dissociate the firm from the transaction and demanded for an apology and compensation but to date Vwalika has remained mute.
In the forged documents, Vwalika is said to have paid Muzeya K30 million as purchase price but Muzeya denies ever receiving that amount of money, he contends he never sold the house to Vwalika and that he is the rightful owner of the house.
Muzeya explained after discovering the fraud, he reported the matter to the frauds section and also sued Vwalika in the Kabwe high court but Vwalika pleaded that the matter be settled outside court, hence the withdrawal of the case under cause No 2007/HB/70.
According to Muzeya, Vwalika promised to reverse the house ownership to him, in line with the letter written to him by FB Nanguzgambo but has not done that to date and has relocated to South Africa. “I Have complained about this matter to the Police and Anti-corruption commission (ACC) but they have not done much, maybe it is because of the strength of the man we are dealing with,” complained Muzeya.
However, Vwalika says he bought the house from Muzeya and paid him KR9,000 in 2003 after which he paid him another KR6,000 in 2011 out of compassion. Vwalika contended that he is the legitimate owner of the property and Muzeya was a crook who after having sold the house is now trying to claim it.
When asked to comment on the purpoted KR30,000 allegedly paid to Muzeya and the alleged forgery of ministry of lands documents, Vwalika responded that after having drafted the letter of sale and both parties satisfied, he hired an estates agent to proceed with ownership change and was not party to any allged forgery in the transaction.
He comfirmed having appeared before the Zambia police frauds section on Thursday.
“Police summoned me in relation to the transaction, I went there and they questioned me so I am waiting for further instructions from them, otherwise Muzeya sold that house to me now he is behaving like a crooked person who after selling the house, he still wants it again,” said Vwalika in a phone interview from his South Africa residence.
Efforts to get a comment from central province commissioner of police Standwell Lungu failed as he was said to be out of town but sources from central division headquarters comfirmed receiving the report and said they were investigating the matter further. “The matter is with us here but it is not only Mr. Muzeya complaining about his house being irregularly taken over by Mr. Vwalika, there are also a number of other people with similar complaints, so it looks like the main culprits are at Ministry of Lands,” said the source who declined to be named.

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