Sata’s Inutu Suba, the PS for Central province escapes lynching by irate civil servants

Sata’s Inutu Suba, the PS for Central province escapes lynching by irate civil servants



Suba being escorted from her office by police on Thursday

Inutu Suba, the permanent secretary for Central province Thursday had to be escorted by hordes of police officers from her office to avoid angry civil servants.

The civil servants want Suba out and have been on strike for three days now demanding that she be taken away.

The civil servants accuse Suba of being arrogant, lazy and boastful.

Suba, who is believed to be a close personal friend of president Sata is also accused of telling workers that she can do whatever she wants as she is untouchable.

The civil servants say they are sick and tired of Suba’s unprofessional behaviour which has, subsequently, demoralised their morale and paralysed the effective operations of most government departments.

The irate workers on Thursday decided to go to Suba’s office and beat her out of the office but she got wind of the intentions earlier as called the police to go and escort her home as can be seen in the picture.

Civil servants in Livingstone also rejected Suba and protested for several day before she was transferred to Central province.

The civil servants accuse Suba, who is a lawyer by profession and runs a law firm in Livingstone, of intimidating them since she came into the province from Livingstone where civil servants equally rejected her due to what they termed as poor leadership.

The civil servants complained that during the commemoration of the 2012 Africa Public Service Day, Suba, during her official address, told them that civil service was not her occupation but that she is a lawyer by profession.

They described such a statement as unfair, saying she has had no regard for their career professions.

They charged that the permanent secretary is an impossible person to work with as she seemingly has no knowledge or understanding of the civil service operations and accused her of not being ready to be advised.

The civil servants also complained that the operations of their departments have come to a standstill from the time of Suba came into the province.

According to the frustrated civil servants, the permanent secretary has not approved most budgets and programmes that are brought to her attention.

They said since March, 2012, government departments have not received any funding because whenever they submit their funding authorities, she would either make irrelevant comments or request for unreasonable data despite the Provincial Accountant approving the budgets.

The civil servants said Suba is also unapproachable and prefers written communication to verbal communication which is proving difficult to them because they can hardly communicate with her.

The civil servants have described this as a poor management tool.

And some male civil servants have also complained that Ms Suba has banned them from going to her office unless they are dressed in a suit or have a tie and jacket on.

Others have also complained of her abusive language, citing an example where she allegedly showered a named provincial head of department with abusive and intimidating language during the recent Provincial Development Co-ordinating Committee (PDCC) before the committee.

They said the Head of Department, who was unwell at the time, had sent her subordinate to stand in for her but the Permanent Secretary instead decided to call for her to submit a report.

When Ms Suba asked the officer, in the presence of other heads of department from the named department why she was not present during the meeting, the officer, who whispered to her, responded that she had a running tummy.

But, unfortunately, Ms Suba made the officer’s sickness a public matter.

“You go ahead and give a report,’’ said Ms Suba. “Do you want everyone here to know that you have a running stomach?” she asked.

Ms Suba has also locked the Boma conference hall which Government departments use to hold meetings.

The permanent secretary has advised   that no meetings will be held in the conference hall   unless she is present because she has painted the hall and secured new chairs for it.

The workers also complained that Ms Suba is rarely in the office as she usually travels to Livingstone to attend to her private business and whenever she is out, she leaves an instruction to her subordinates not to sign any letters or requests until she comes back.

They said they would like to work with a Permanent Secretary who understands  civil service operations and promotes team work and respect, hence the request to the President to replace Ms Suba.


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