Kabwe completely runs out of fuel

Kabwe completely runs out of fuel

IMG-20160121-WA0003Petrol and diesel have completely finished in Kabwe. A Watchdog survey carried out at 11 hours revealed that only one filling station Lake Petroleum along the Lusaka road had the commodities. Some motorists were seen pushing their vehicles to the filling station but by 13:00hrs it was completely out of stock.

Even the vendors commonly known as changanya boys who were selling the commodity in containers for as high as K15 to K20 per litre so as to make a quick cashing due to the shortage have exhausted their stocks . No explanation from energy minister Dora Siliya or indeed from government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili.

Meanwhile some business houses don’t have power due to the Zesco load shedding and were banking on diesel and petrol run gen sets.





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