Kabwe DC grabs hammer mill from disabled people

Pathological thief Kabwe District Commissioner Patrick Chishala has grabbed a government donated hammer mill from a group of disabled people in Kabwe.

Chishala, who is in a tug of war with crooked Kabwe lawyer Tutwa Ngulube in contention for being adopted to contest Kabwe Central constituency seat on PF ticket, now plans to go and donate the hammer mill to a women group in the remote parts so that it looks like it is his personal contribution.

Chishala ordered his driver and messenger last week Thursday that the hammer mill be grabbed from the Lukanga disabled group alleging that they are not keeping it safe and fears that it can be stolen.

“We know his intentions, he wants to donate it to another womens group as a campaign gimmick for his 2016 campaign in Kabwe central. He came here fuming that the hammer mill is insecure, but who can come and steal an item as big as ichigayo (hammer mill),” complained a group member.

The group is now intending to report Chishala to police for theft but they first want to have audience with provincial PS Edwidge Mutale.

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