Kabwe DC preaches ZWD to girl guides

“The PF government takes pride in seeing the young ones develop into good citizens. We want our children to grow up into good citizens, be good reporters like those from Maranatha, Times of Zambia, ZNBC, KNC Daily Mail and not like those reporters of the Zambian Watchdog and these other media houses who report lies and scandalize people,” Kabwe District Commissioner Patrick Chishalatold Girl Guides at All Saints UCZ Congregation in Kabwe on Saturday, 15th March, 2014

At the same function, Chishala donated K500 and pledged 50 litres of fuel for the Girl Guides’ trip to Siavonga for the Annual camp meeting.

This comes barely a week after the Watchdog exposed Chishala for swindling youths out of over K22, 000, and probably the K500 he donated came from the same loot.

This is our advice to Chishala, a relative of one of President Sata’s wives Dr. Christine Kaseba:

1. Chishala, you are an intimidated person, just like your aunt Kaseba with whom you worked to mobilize civil servants to demand the dismissal of Inutu Suba when she served as PS for central province. You did this because your aunt kaseba was scared of losing her marriage to Suba, Fred Mmembe’s aunt despite the fact that Christine also just grabbed Sata from Mulenga’s mother. But see, Mmembe and his aunt are still ahead of you; Suba has been moved near state house and is now in charge of Sata’s ‘special duties’.
This is one reason Sata does not always sleep at Nkhwazi house. State house also has some rooms that function as special bedrooms. This could be one reason your aunt Kaseba has found solace in Secretary to cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska. Do you wonder why you are blacked out by the Post? Do you think M’membe doesn’t know what you did to her aunt?

2. We did not ask you to steal the offering from UCZ St. Mark’s Congregation, neither did we ask the Reverend Bwalya to convince you to apologise to the congregants. We were not even there. Don’t hate us when we remind you about that sin.

3. Chishala, Watchdog is not James Kapyanga and Sydney Mushanga, the two Kabwe MPs you have been backbiting because you have plans to contest one of the seats in 2016. You wrote a bad report to Wynter Kabimba when you were asked to state your opinion about the two MPs when they were considered for ministerial positions.

4. Chishala, Mr. Abel Shila Chama, the former DESO for Kabwe was not stupid when he pleaded with Shoprite management to drop the charges of shoplifting against you when you stole groceries which also included your infant’s medicine despite your wife giving you money to pay for the items. Where did you want to take the money, to one of your concubines?

5. Your blood sister Annie was in grade 12 in 2009 when you chased her from your house. She wrote her examinations from a well-wisher’s house. Are you worthy to be called a leader? Do you know what your sister went through?

6. You seem to be haunted by your failed sex affair with that lady from Immigration department. We will withhold her name because she is in a relationship with a serious person in Lusaka.

7. You pathological thief! You stole FRA maize, repackaged it and resold it to FRA and using that cadre Muchinda the police divisional operations officer and investigations in the matter have halted. Tell us, do you have a maize field which can produce 500 bags?

8. Even after you pushed for your illegally acqquired plot to be approved by the council, you still went ahead to abuse Naomi Sakala the Director of Planning at Kabwe municipal council to get a plot in Mukuyu residential area near Chindwin barracks. You think we do not know? Time will come when you shall account for all this. For now, enjoy.

9. Have you finally refunded the 320 youths you swindled money with your fellow crook Webster Diangamo?

10. For your own information, we don’t need any praises from you, that Sata of yours or indeed any PF officials. To us that is like sugar coated poison.

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