Kabwe DC ‘raising’ campaign funds for PF

Kabwe DC ‘raising’ campaign funds for PF

Chishala's GRZ 561CF vehicle stripped of official number during the PF conference

Chishala’s GRZ 561CF vehicle stripped of official number during the PF conference

Kabwe district commissioner patrick chishal yesterday held a meeting with some commercial farmers during which he asked them to donate to PF presidential campaigns but some farmers are in doubt due to Chishala’s past thieving record.

A farmer who attended the meeting at Chishala’s office has told the Watchdog that Chishala said that PF presidential candidate Edgar Lungu had tasked him to identify some well wishers who will be ‘rewarded’ handsomely after the elections.

But some farmers questioned the morality of PF government asking for money from farmers who they have not paid for their produce and that they did not trust Chishala because this may just be a way of him stealing money.

The Kabwe DC, a former primary school teacher is also reportedly double dealing between the Lungu camp Wynter Kabimba’s newly formed Rainbow Party. Recently during the disputed PF convention which elected Lungu as PF president, he made an ‘incognito’ appearance using his official government vehicle registration number GRZ 561CF but without a number plate.

“We are surprised that he asked for some money from us to support Edgar Lungu’s campaigns when we have not been paid. Additionallywe hear the DC has a dented record of being a thief so we cannot donate anything even if we had some money,” said the farmer.

Chishala, who has also courted some business organisations was arrested for stealing groceries in Shoprite suppermarket and also caught stealing offering from St. Marks UCZ church but the Reverand asked him to apologise so as to earn himself fotgiveness from his fellow congregants.

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