Kabwe DC steals K20,000 from youths

Kabwe DC steals K20,000 from youths

Some protesting youths speaking to journalists at DC's office in Kabwe

Some protesting youths speaking to journalists at DC’s office in Kabwe

Kabwe District Commissioner Patrick Chishala has swindled youths out of over K21,000 after purpoting that they would attend an empowerment workshop at King George Youth Centre and now in panic, has left his office looking for money to refund the over 320 youths who have camped at his office demanding for their money.

Chishala, working with a Webster Diangamo who runs a fake NGO called Youth destiny duped the youths that the government will be running a workshop in carpentry, tailoring, mechanics, bricklaying, electrical and other lifelong skills at King George Youth centre near Mulungushi university for three weeks effective 24thFebruary 2014, and sold the forms at K70 to over 320 youths.

The youths were however turned away when they reported at King George on 23rd February because the centre was not aware of anything to that effect, since that time the youths have been frequenting Chishala’s office but he has been avoiding them. A Watchdog check revealed Chishala has abandoned his office as he was trying to source for funds from another government funding line. Diangamo was arrested by police but his criminal friend Chishala instructed police to release him.

“It is not fair that the government which is supposed to give us jobs is now swindling us, we won’t leave this place until the DC pays us, he has always been avoiding us and now when we pressure him he calls us fools,’ said a youth who sought anonymity, while his friends chanted anti PF slogans.

Chishala, a relative to one of Sata’s wives Dr. Christine Kaseba is a pathological thief who was arrested for shoplifting, confessed to stealing Church offering from St. Mark’s UCZ church, stole money when he served in the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ).

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