Kabwe district police boss in assault/sex scandal

Zambia Police Kabwe district officer commanding Mike Mwelwa may face arrest for assaulting and attempting to kill a man whose wife he was having a sexual affair with.

Mwelwa has been having a sexual affair with a woman whose identity has been withheld but last week on Friday the woman’s husband, Mathews Zulu found them kissing in Mwelwa’s Toyota Chaser car registration number ALK 6969 around 23:00hrs near the couple’s home in railways compound.

Upon seeing the husband, the woman ran away and Mwelwa in an adulterous defensive fashion began to beat Zulu who fell onto the ground. Mwelwa got into the car and attempted to run over Zulu but he quickly woke up and wrestled for the steering wheel in an effort to stop him from driving away.

Sensing danger, Zulu’s wife left home and is believed to have slept at a guest house with Mwelwa before returning home the following day to pick her personal items and the couple’s six children. According to police sources, her whereabouts still remain unknown.

And a medical report signed from Kabwe General hospital states that Zulu sustained bruises on the right hand and a swoolen right foot. He was also complaining of a painful right shoulder.

Mwelwa is said to be having multiple sexual affairs with junior officers including a widow of a traffic police officer who died in 2012 and his adulterous recorded has been reported to the central division headquarters but as usual police are reluctant to arrest him while persuading Zulu to have an out of court settlement.

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