Kabwe general hospital gutted


  • It’s the baboons….

  • Can the so called prophets help us identify the arsonists

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    Yotamu 6 months

    Holy spirit Fire!!! Holy spirit fire!! Arrest all those pastors shouting this slogan.

  • Sad development

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      THE PRINCE 6 months

      Wow congrats to you, happy health living

  • Then some monkeys and rats be like “it’s the upnd”

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      Kaili 1 6 months

      Its the UPND, who else promised ‘Armageddon’ ?

  • how come at 13.15hrs znbc news they said everything is safe in kabwe

  • Another Baboon in Kabwe. Since its not Southern Province, this 1 must be a pf Baboon now,

  • its hw its, if time is nt yours things will nt go one nicely. u may pt alot of measures to stop problems bt u cant able 2 acheive.

  • Kikikik jail de baboon

  • Pip late look at what going on to our Mather Zambia,not figer point

  • Another fire Charlee Kamu Anthoine Khalid Mesiscal Jnr Chipako Foster Kaombe

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  • lungu should just release hh and all this fires will end,been a christian is all about forgiveness…our leaderz are slowly loosin their mind.God please forgive them

  • sabotage—– who will be arrested this time?

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    stella 6 months

    Exactly, why burn down a hospital, why burn down a market which was providing livelihood for many families. At the end of the day, Zambia will not forge ahead economically but lug behind. Let politics be politics but lets not mix it up with things that are beneficial to all of us. That hospital, that market is not for PF, not for UPND, not for UNIP but for all Zambians.

  • David Tookind Tembo come see our hospital

  • GO BOYS GO..

  • u Guy’s wat who did that again God help as

  • Yangose YangyMwale – are you safe

  • We need to pray against these fires whether electrical or caused by people.lm glad the cause has been identified. I’m one person who would not like to see innocent people being accused of things they did not do.

  • nayo nayo ….state of nyongongo for you. The pf think they can blackmail everyone….Zambia for you!!!!

  • I Thought Der Was State Of Emegercy

  • Suspecting another UPND baboon!!!

  • will now point at the UPND PF cadres and we are yet to hear from kampyongo,inonge wina,lungu and Amos chanda what they will have to say

  • Egypt issues who is to blame king Phareo or Moses the messenger of God?

  • its a lie stop posting fake news, which kabwe g hospital?

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    Muuba 6 months

    Apparently is was “mulilo wa Leza” that leaped out of Kanyoo ka Mumbi Phiri that burnt it down.

  • Sad reading indeed

  • Viba UPND U Are Just Extending The Stay Of Ur Small god at Mukobeko To 2022

  • Just because others have witnessed the electrical fault as being the cause of the fire should never be the reason to think all the other burnings across the country are not electrical or human ignorance. Political is not justifiable where evidence does not exist that is called witchcraft mentality.

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    Mumbi Phiri 6 months

    Edgar Lungu is a dog

  • u hav heard some empty thinker bandits ar accusing upnd for anythn,talk when u stil hav energy.bt very soon u wil be visited by justice.

  • it’s too much

  • At its now state of electric nt emergency

  • The problem is that you Zambians mukonda vokopela, Na vima church va holy ghost catch a fire va paka mu Zambia, ndiye vileta mulilo, Instead of the father the son and the holy sprite ati holy ghost catch a fire.

    • don’t blasphemy the holy spirit plz,there wil be no forgiveness fo ths sin to yo soul.

    • brother u can joke around wth any creator NO PROBLE but dnt joke around wth God head YOU DIE (mark the statement all ur life) am very much ready to attend funerals and burry folks who talks like that. Be CAREFUL and watch ur STEPS & WORDS. “remember u eat the fruit of your lips”

    • so politics chabe u wish to atend ur fellow human beings funeral instead of advising him human to human mmmm peter politics aside sometimes or kuti ni tribal hatred simwamene simple advice can do if truly ur a christian nt tht talk u can do better my bro we’re not enemies bt oponents jst like in footbal

    • Choka APA iwe ,may fire strike that mouth in Jesus name.

  • Upnd will b in trouble,

  • Every one know ati niba pf even city market was burned by them …how come they told us we are going to rebuld the market in 12 weeks today ati the market wil take more than 12 months to rebuld . Awe bwafya nangu ni sonta apo wabomba nifi

  • All whats happening is Lungu’ s bad luck. That’s what happens when u re lead by a cursed man. The hand of God is not upon him.

  • its a monkey again

  • Hospital has never been renovated before and wires are now protruding loosely from sockets causing electric shocks. And fools still want to accuse coz they are still haunted by stolen victory.

  • Are you happy with this evil you are doing ? How can a normal human being put on fire a hospital ?

  • Very sad……

  • Why burning a hospital?…. Nzelu bantu balibe

  • The country has fallen apart.

    • The center can longer hold, the falcon can no longer hear the falconer. Loose anarchy is let loose upon the earth