Kabwe general hospital male nurse, accountant in sex scandal

A male nurse Oswald Mumba and his cousin only identified as Kangwa  and works as an accountant at Kabwe General Hospital have been caught in multiple sex scandals which involve some patients, nurses and under aged school girls.

Mumba is currently facing two cases of impregnating school girls. In one case Mumba and Kangwa jointly defiled the minor and to evade the criminal offence of defilement, they have decided to bribe the parents to the victim as compensation while in the other pregnancy case Mumba earlier agreed to compensate the victim’s parents for damaging their daughter but has failed to honour his pledge.

The parents now want to take the randy nurse to court after he allegedly changed his mind and demanded for an ultra sound test before he can ‘pay’ anything. The two have been having sex orgies with different girls in a named lodge in Kabwe town centre.

And some trainee nurses who fell prey to the sex duo have said that they were earlier drugged with some laced drink before having sex at different intervals. They have also complained that Mumba was not ideal to work as a nurse especially in female ward (2) where he is currently attached and that such complaints have been raised to hospital management.

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