Kabwe General Hospital OPD burns

The Out Patients Department (OPD) section at the Kabwe general hospital was last night gutted leaving most patients files and other equipment destroyed, but the fire brigade’s intervention helped to stop the fire from spreading to other sections.

The fire started around 23:00hrs, some patients and workers struggled to quench it using ordinary water from buckets but in vain because there weren’t any fire extinguishers until when the fire fighters came after about 30 minutes. The cause is suspected to have been an electricity spark within the building.

Three years ago, Kabwe mine hospital laundry was completely gutted, destroying linen and all equipment. The laundry has not yet been reconstructed after the whole building was razed down.


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    Broken Hillo Man 3 years

    Free lane, please twapapata, Boko Haram and earthquakes ma irrelevant examples. Did u do english complihension imwe? Infact u can do nothing to stop the earthquake and Boko Haram its the security wing and the public. Mwilasabaila.

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    Your comment..wapya baisa.if the government is the one bracking the rules.were are we going?just simple equipment are a problem to them what more wth the privent sector ba kasonde were are u?

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    Advocate 3 years

    Things fall apart.It is chaotic everywhere.

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    Free lane 3 years

    Zambia Fire Brigade is just a bunch of cadres.How can they arrive after 30 minutes?Don’t they know that within 30 minutes an entire country can wiped by Boko Haram rebels.The earthquake that hit Nepal was within seconds and imagine the loss

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    Mwanarob 3 years

    Are there municipality inspectors responsible for fire detection and fighting in Kabwe? Is a fire marshal at the Hispital?

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    Kadolo 3 years

    Sad indeed! We need to learn to be proative and not reactive.Its shameful that such a big healthy institution be without simple fire extinguishers in place.

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    Negligence by management.extinguishers should be there in all public institutions to try and put out flames before civil aviation

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      Katuba Old Boys 3 years

      Imwe ba kabula nyina , what has Civil aviation got to do with this? Did you mean to say Fire Brigade or fire Services?

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    It’s too bad for that. But I want to blame the management team for notputting equipments in the places where people are seeking health care such as fire extinguishers. Shame on you. You are busy stealing. ….BAKABWALALA.