Kabwe Mayor directs marketeers to shun MP Ngulube’s meetings

Kabwe Mayor directs marketeers to shun MP Ngulube’s meetings

Tutwa Ngulube

In a bid to continue isolating PF lawyer and Kabwe Central member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube from party activities in his constituency, the PF has directed all marketers through Zambia national Marketeers Association not to attend his meetings but some members have defied the directive and called it ‘rubbish’.

Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe who is being groomed to contest the Kabwe Central seat in 2021 today held a meeting at the Civic centre and warned that any marketers that will be found attending Ngulube’s meetings will be banned from trading in the markets and any streets of the town.

After the address, some marketers went to complain the harassment to Provincial Permanent secretary Chanda Kabwe who apparently was unable to meet them as he is also involved in the anti-Ngulube crusade. Later the team went to see provincial minister Sydney Mushanga who opposed the Mayor’s illegal directive.

The party in the district is also scheming to organise thugs to block the parliamentarian from accessing his parliamentary office located at Chitanda house in the Central Business District of Kabwe.

Ngulube is the man who declared Lungu the winner of the PF presidency at the controversial party convention in 2014 but has fallen out of Lungu’s favour. He is further being victimised by his own party for being opposed to the premature endorsement of Lungu’s third term bid in 2021 and what the party calls ‘anti PF debates in parliament’.

He has lashed out at the illegal land administration in the PF controlled local authorities and wants land audits to be conducted. So far the ministry of lands has suspended the land distribution agency to the Kabwe municipal council for rampant irregularities.

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