Kabwe MP maintains mayor is a thief

Kabwe MP maintains mayor is a thief

On our Facebook page, See how PF MP Tutwa Ngulube blasted police offices before he was jailed for one night.

Ngulube defiantly said Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe is a thief and corrupt and is abusing the Police to ‘harass me and the displaced communities I am fighting for,’

‘We made a mistake to put a thief in office as Mayor” Tutwa Ngulube Kabwe Central MP said

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    ROKA 1 week ago

    You are the same people who were in the forefront supporting the fraudulent Sata succession!Mwamon nomba!Bring out the evidence though it will be heavily stepped as has been done for wheelbarrow fire fighter sagga as all what CK brought out!!

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    vinthu va lula 1 week ago

    tell us his thieving. give evidence, don’t just shout. Prince Chileshe is a thief from way back. he was in UNZASU and stole money from UNZA union and ran away. he never finished his course.
    These are the pipo now with authority and amassing wealth.
    Tutwa kindly espose this Chileshe the Kabwe Mayor More.